You're ready to join? We're ready to have you.

So, you've read all about who we are, what we do and why we do it. You've clicked through the galleries and have scrolled through the memories we have made with our THON children, Megan and Logan. You've stalked us on social media and maybe, accidentally, liked an Instagram post from 27 weeks ago (it's OK, we appreciate it). So what's next?

You. You're next. 

The FOTO family has been building over the last six years and the excitement has obviously grown with it. FOTO is not just simply another special interest organization. We are a family. The ultimate goal will always be to build a community of FOTO members that cannot be rivaled by any other independent organizations in terms of family and friendship – but unless you take a shot with us, you’ll never be able to experience the community that FOTO is building.