The big goal

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

THON Weekend 2017 is coming up, but FOTO still has a lot of work to do.

We have a goal -- a rather big goal, in fact -- to cover the cost of 46 days (in honor of dancing for 46 hours) of outpatient Leukemia treatment for children and families battling pediatric cancer.

One day of this treatment costs a family roughly $150, which brings our total goal to $7,000.

It'd be natural to believe that we can't do this, that's it too much money to raise in too short of a timespan. But we think we can do this -- if we have your help.

We need you to spread the word. Email, social media, word of mouth -- do whatever you can to use your voice and spread FOTO's goal. 

We want to raise $7,000 in online donations by Feb. 17 in order to make a difference in children's lives. Are you in?

What you can do right now

Social Media: Head to FOTO's Facebook page to share and tag people in our 'Big Goal' announcement post. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @fotoftk.

THONline Email Drive: Below is a template to send out emails to families, friends, and co-workers. All you have to do is add the recipients' names and your name, and send them out to as many people as you can. Encourage others to keep forwarding the message along, like an email chain! You can access the email template here.

Check out the Donate pageIf you or someone you know is interested in making an online donation to FOTO and THON, be sure to head to our Donate tab at the top of this page.